How To Update XAMPP

If you have websites installed on your computer with xampp connected with some DNS, and you want to update just xampp do so:

1. Stop services or process under XAMPP control panel and EXIT
2. Rename installation folder C:\XAMPP\… with C:\XAMPP_old\
3. Create new folder with the same name C:\XAMPP\…
4. Install there new version of XAMPP (in security options you have to write the same passwords and usernames you had before)
5. Ctrl+c or ctrl+x just website folders under C:\XAMPP\htdocs\*… (don’t copy xampp folder and others who came with installation)
6. Create databases (with same name as before), this will create just new folder under C:\XAMPP\mysql\data\* with file inside db.opt + copy ibdata1 file under folder C:\XAMPP\mysql\
7. Copy content of older C:\XAMPP_old\mysql\data\*\ to C:\XAMPP\mysql\data\*\ and skip the file db.opt
8. If you did changes in previous xampp of file httpd-vhosts.conf under C:\XAMPP\apache\conf\extra\ don’t forget to copy it right and create folder C:\XAMPP\log
9. Start XAMPP control panel, start apache and mysql
10. DONE

add web pages under c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts

DocumentRoot “C:/xampp/htdocs/”

port forwarding 80, 443, 3306

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