Disk Recovery Windows User Permission for Files and Folders

Take Ownership of old disk windows user files and folders under Documents and Settings folder (User)

Run an elevated command prompt (Start –> type command in the search box –> Right click command prompt and Run as Administrator (or control+shift+enter)

Navigate to the partition containing the folder in question (C:, D:, E:, etc). If the folder in question is on the C: drive, type CD\ to get to the root (assuming C is your OS drive).

Type the following command:

TAKEOWN /F *directory name or path*



D:\>TAKEOWN /F Music

Next, use the following command:

ICACLS *Directory name or path* /grant %USERNAME%:F /T


D:\>ICACLS Music /grant %USERNAME%:F /T

The screen will scroll through all of the subfolders and files within that directory until it’s finished.

CMD (Command Prompt) as Administrator

cd to the relevant drive root (in my case D:\)

TAKEOWN /F *.* /A /R /D Y 
/F processes all files
/R recurs for all subfolders and files
/A takes permission for the Administrators group (I could easily have specified my own username but shouldn’t be necessary as I’m running CMD as Administrator anyway and so it might have failed in the next step)
/D Y suppresses the confirmation prompt

ICACLS D:\* /grant:R everyone:F /T